Who We Are

We are dedicated to creating healthy, flourishing and high performing workforces and promoting the foundations of positive workplace health by:

  • awakening leaders throughout organizations to the full potential of the workforce and the workplace;
  • identifying shared values and shared results and creating a shared vision;
  • designing a strategy to evolve positive individual health through effective health, wellness, and self-leadership initiatives;
  • designing a strategy to evolve positive organizational health through healthy cultures, and environments and positive individual health; and,
  • measuring and communicating what matters to individuals and the organization.

How did we get here?

Much about, “How did we get here” is summarized in the beliefs, knowledge and suggestions and for the basis of the two books: Zero Trends and Shared Values-Shared Results.

The 2009 book Zero Trends: Health as a Serious Economic Strategy was a game changing moment as it represented a capstone to 30-years of research with longitudinal data to establish the business case for behavior change. In addition, the second half of the book served as a disruptive innovation whereas our research data led to the foundational work for the influence of environment and culture on health within the context of the fundamental five-pillar structure of an organization.

The 2016 book Shared Values-Shared Results: Positive Organizational Health as a Win-Win Philosophy along with seven more years of research, speaking with professional in the field, and many other fields, we merged and expanded the concepts in Zero Trends. The book brought the concepts of shared values, shared results, positive organizational health, and a win-win philosophy together to form a new and integrated strategy to support individuals and organizations coming together to move to a higher level of human and organizational potential.


Individuals and organizations have extraordinary human and organizational potential that has yet to be tapped. You can start by:

  • Awakening individuals and organizations to the power of shared values and shared results leading to a shared vision and a win-win philosophy.
  • Adopting a positive definition of organizational and individual health and engagement.
  • Developing a greater awareness of the positive influence of context throughout organizational leadership and recognizing the influence of people and their health and well-being.
  • Realizing the potential role of leadership and recognizing the influence of all individuals as self-leaders.

Creating Shared Values—Shared Results:

The ideal work climate, culture, and environment is one where employees and the organization share core values (shared values), and what is good for employees is good for the organization and vice versa (shared results). The values and results do not need to be matching but there does need to be agreement on a core set of shared values and shared results in order to get to a shared vision.

Evolving Positive Organizational Health:

  • Positive organizational health means having a positive business approach and a positive environment, culture, and climate, as well as employees with strong positive individual health and positive personal motivation.
  • Organizations with strong positive organizational health provide caring and positive environments, cultures, and climates. Individuals and employee work teams engage in healthy choices facilitated by health, wellness, and well-being programs.
  • Organizations and employees make shared decisions that contribute to flourishing workplaces and workforces.

Measuring and Communicating What Matters:

Measuring and communicating what matters demands that we respect what is important to both the organizations and employees.

  • The organization will continue to value productivity, performance, being an employer of choice, social recognition within the community or industry, and positive financial objectives among others.
  • Employees are likely to also value trust, respect, and meaningful work, along with autonomy, recognition, quality of life, and fair financial and other types of compensation.

Creating Positive Organizational Health should be on the agenda of every individual and leadership team.