What We Do

A win-win organization actively strives to develop strength across the five pillars that provide the foundation for health and wellness in an organization. We provide consultation, practical tools, and resources for strengthening the five pillars and moving organizations and employees, to a higher status of health and performance.

We expect employees and the organization to typically assume equal responsibility for evolving the win-win philosophy. In the strategies below, we expect employees to help each other and leaders in the five pillars help each other to progress towards a shared vision. In addition, in each pillar we expect employees help the leaders and the leaders help employees.

Pillar 1: Senior Leadership: Engaged and Committed Leadership: develop and promote shared values, shared results and an inspired purpose, mission and vision for all stakeholders. Although this pillar is focused on senior leadership providing direction after consultation with other senior leaders and employee leaders related to the previously agreed upon shared values and shared results it is also the responsibility of the employees to do their part in embracing the direction.

Pillar 2: Operations Leadership: Positive Environment, Culture and Climate: assess the current status of your organization and develop a plan for a strategic, systematic, systemic, and sustainable approach and implement the results of systems and design thinking teams into concrete positive organizational health strategies. The strategies have the support of the leadership and employees due to the design thinking process which incorporates what is important to individuals and what is important to the organization. Leadership and all employees have the responsibility to engage in the strategies.

Pillar 3: Self-Leadership: Positive Individual Health and Self-Leadership: process of creating and implementing concrete positive individual health strategies and programs that support key life skills for continuous learning, development, and growth. Using the dimensions of flourishing individuals, employees and the leaders in this third pillar will provide options and opportunities for each of the dimensions.

Pillar 4: Incentives: Positive Personal Motivation: create and enhance conditions for positive personal and organizational motivation among your employees and the organization. Personal and organizational motivation is clearly a major positive opportunity for the organization and the employees.

Pillar 5: Quality Assurance: Measuring and Communicating What Matters: develop a meaningful employee and leadership approach to ongoing evaluation that utilizes shared values and shared results to generate the measures and measurement that matter to all stakeholders, and a communications strategy that engages and motivates.

(If you are interested in where your organization currently stands for each of the five pillars, you may want to review the “Quick Assessment” found on Page 5 of the Shared Values-Shared Results book.)

If you are interested in better understanding your strengths, developing, or improving in any or all of these areas, we can help you create a customized strategy that builds on your current strengths and increases engagement of stakeholders throughout your organization.

A Strategy to Get to Positive Organizational Health

The strategy for positive organizational health illustrates the context of the organization and provides the basis for our recommended approach to creating shared values-shared results; positive organizational health; and, a win-win organization.

The Strategy for Positive Organizational Health

Model for Positive Organizational Health

Flourishing employees are at the heart of the model, supported by the five fundamental pillars, which together form the flourishing workplace. The outer circles illustrate the extension of the flourishing concept to the workplace, family and community. Positive Organizational Health forms the core of the process to the Win-Win Journey.

The Win-Win Journey

The general stages of the win-win journey follow the themes of the book:

  • Awakening
  • Creating Shared Values―Shared Results
  • Evolving positive organizational health
  • Measuring and communicating what matters

The Journey process is designed to be strategic, systematic, systemic, and sustainable. Organizations can engage in the whole Journey, or just put a “toe in the water” and start wherever and whenever you are ready. Many organizations are already on an existing path, so they will want to pick and choose which strategies are appropriate for them at the stage they assess themselves. We also know that many organizations launched wellness and well-being programs without any agreed upon strategic plan.