Our Services

Whether your organization is just starting a wellness and well-being initiative, or if you would like to see more robust results from your current initiatives, Edington Associates can help you create a healthy and supportive environment and culture.

Concerned about having the necessary skills or unsure where to start?

We can provide consultation, development experiences, and support throughout your organization.

We can help Senior Leaders develop a “line-of-sight” between health, wellness and wellbeing and organizational objectives for increased sales and revenue and cost-avoidance strategies.

We can help managers and employees understand how to take ownership of their health, wellness, and wellbeing including the health of the organization.

We can help you create and communicate a meaningful “why,” “what,” and “how”  for your win-win strategy.

We provide keynote presentations for organizations and associations as well as breakout sessions on specific issues.

More About Our Services

The promise of Edington Associates is to promise a meaningful learning experience to encourage senior leaders and other leaders (everyone is a leader) a line-of-sight of the organizational benefits that accrue when Positive Individual Health is a serious partner with Positive Organizational Health when making decisions and strategies for the good of the organization and all stakeholders.


Conferences and on-site consultations:

  • Presentations (one-hour, half-day, and full-day): presentations are tailored to the intended audience, the organization, and the population of key stakeholders.
  • Interactive dialog: Co-creative and collaborative interactions that combine brain-storming, specific real-world and thoughtful activities, and meaningful take-a-ways for getting started or for redesign of existing initiatives.
  • Workshops (half-day, full-day, multiple days): Workshops are designed to engage participants in specific objectives.
  • Individual or group consultations (one time or ongoing): Consultations are typically focused on a single or multiple objectives of interest to a group of stakeholders.
  • Intensive training (two- to five-day workshops, ongoing training and development over an extended period of time): Extensive training in the understanding and use of concepts, methods, and materials of the win-win philosophy.

For service providers:

We can help increase your capacity to deliver meaningful and impactful services to your client-partners.

For employer organizations:

We can help you evolve positive organizational health and take your health and well-being approaches to a higher level of effectiveness.

  • Organizational consultation (on-going over several months): Help with evolving the positive organizational health of a work team or a department or even the total organization requires a dedicated Associate working with committed participants.
  • Measurement and evaluation: Help organizations evaluate and communicate about progress toward the vision and objectives that matter to employees and the organization.

Products and Tools

Landscape Assessment:

Our Landscape Assessment helps organizations understand their current state regarding support for positive organizational health, well-being and performance. Includes both qualitative and quantitative inquiry tailored to organization.

Positive Organizational Health Assessment:

The Positive Organizational Health Assessment* is a deeper evaluation than the Landscape Assessment – It includes appreciative inquiry, environmental audit (the HE Check), survey of the culture and climate, and other exploratory methods to fully understand the positive organizational health of the organization (e.g., interviews, organizational ethnography, etc.).  *Contributions from Judd Allen and Tom Golaszewski.

Life Skills for Success:

Our web-based platform supports employee self-leadership for success, including change, decision making, resilience, and self-leadership. Learn More

Living and Thriving Assessment:

Our next generation health assessment examines positive individual health, as well as positive organizational health of the workplace, home, and community. (Available in March, 2018).

Health Environment Check* (HE Check):

Conducted as part of the Positive Organizational Health Assessment or as a stand-alone comprehensive audit of the organization’s health-supportive environment. *Developed in conjunction with Tom Golaszewski.

Program Impact Measure*:

Evaluation and modeling tool that helps predict the impact of current or potential wellness/wellbeing programs and other health management approaches, and provides insights about processes that can help maximize the effectiveness of an approach, including financial results. *Developed in conjunction with Premera Blue Cross.