Next Practices Awards

The Edington CBIZ Next Practices Awards for Innovation in Workplace Wellbeing

Edington Associates LLC, in conjunction with CBIZ Employee Services Organization (ESO), is delighted to announce that the application for the Edington CBIZ Next Practices Awards is open as of April 6, 2017!

The Edington CBIZ Next Practices Awards recognizes employers that are implementing innovative wellbeing programs and practices in one or more of the five pillars outlined by Dr. Dee Edington. These five core pillars include:

Pillar I: Senior Leadership (engaged and committed leadership)
Pillar II: Operational Leadership (positive environment, culture and climate)
Pillar III: Self-Leadership (self-leadership and positive individual health)
Pillar IV: Recognition and Rewards (positive personal motivation)
Pillar V: Quality Assurance (measure and communicate what matters)

The awards program highlights organizations that are pioneering out-of-the-box approaches in their wellbeing programs to improve employee participation and outcomes and enrich the culture of the workplace. This year’s program also features a simplified application and submission process. Employers may apply between the dates of April 6th and May 31st. The awards will be announced at a later date and honorees will be invited to share their winning programs in the fall of 2017.

“Wellbeing programs are designed to build happier and healthier workforces. We at CBIZ are thrilled to recognize employers who share this vision and who actively and creatively demonstrate their commitment,” says Emily Noll, National Director of CBIZ Wellbeing Solutions. “With our new and improved application, we’re excited to hear about a wide range of employee wellbeing programs and new practices emerging across the U.S.”

Polly Thomas, President of CBIZ ESO in Kansas City, MO, has had several of her clients receive the award in prior years and believes that focusing on developing a positive workplace culture is critical for business success. “At CBIZ, we believe it’s just as important to improve company culture as it is to highlight outstanding programs and benefits,” says Thomas. A culture of caring, as envisioned by Dr. Edington, Thomas adds “creates a competitive differentiator for employers through increased employee wellbeing, engagement and retention.”

Award co-founder, Jack Bastable, Innovation Leader in Employee Engagement and Performance, is not surprised about the doubling of applicants to this awards program from 2015 to 2016. “More and more employers are seeking and testing out new strategies to boost their employees’ health and sustain wellbeing for the betterment of their workers, their businesses and their communities,” says Bastable. Bastable predicts that applicants to this special awards program will continue to grow and he looks forward to celebrating and sharing the next practices of the next group of winning companies.

Applications will be evaluated by a team of expert judges in the wellbeing, engagement and employee benefits fields, including Drs. Dee Edington and Jennifer Pitts of Edington Associates.

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