Life Skills For Success

Fundamental Training for all Employees

Education alone does not change behavior. Here is why. Do you think that there are any smokers in the world that do not know that cigarettes are harmful to their health? Do you think there are any overweight people in the world who do not know that excess body weight is harmful to their health? It isn’t about pure education. It’s about being able to motivate them to embrace good health.

Teaching individuals how to take ownership of their health is hard. Before you can successfully change a culture and get people to own their health, they need to learn to practice four critical skills: life skills that are critical to moving an individual, teams and an organization to be more accountable for life and for their health.

The EA Life Skills for Success is a web-based, self-leadership training program that can be provided to all employees in an organization. They are science-based, but easy, interactive and time efficient modules that, when taken together, help an individual become more proactive in their health.

Resilience focuses on keeping a positive outlook, happiness and overall brain health. It helps individuals and teams practice to deal with adversity in a positive way.

Self-Leadership helps an individual understand and practice their values, purpose and vision.

Change Management helps an individual learn how to accept change by teaching them how to create a plan for change, positive reframing and focusing on their strengths.

Decision Making helps individuals make better decisions in times of stress by focusing on emotions and intuitions, their environment and mental shortcuts and biases.

In addition to fundamental self-leadership life skills, these modules are pre-requisites for wellness, disease management or behavioral health interventions. They teach individuals and teams the skills that they need in order to better handle situations that may arise in the course of the work day or life in general.

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