Shared Values – Shared Results

Positive Organizational Health as a Win-Win Philosophy

Authored by: Dee Edington Ph.D, Jennifer S. Pitts Ph.D

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Shared Values–Shared Results is the follow-up to the influential 2009 business philosophy book Zero Trends: Health as a Serious Economic Strategy.

Taking workplace wellness to the next level, involves a vision of shared values that bring shared results for both employees and organizations. The book combines supporting research and science with practical solutions for implementing positive health as an organizational strategy.

It’s time to launch a committed, collaborative effort to create a workplace culture that emphasizes the health and wellbeing of everyone. This win-win strategy is a valuable tool for recruitment and retention of talent and increased revenue through enhanced job satisfaction and improved performance.

Shared Values–Shared Results is addressed to multiple audiences that represent all segments of the organization. Everyone is encouraged to see himself or herself as a leader playing an important role in improving health and well-being in the organization.

For management and leadership, the authors suggest taking a more active role in supporting positive organizational health. For employees, the recommendation is a move toward positive individual health. And for all stakeholders, this book shows how, by embracing these goals as an effective collaborative business strategy, they can increase engagement, energy, and creative possibilities for everyone.

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Publication Date: 12-7-15
Page Count: 416
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About the Authors:

Dee W. Edington, PhD, is professor emeritus of kinesiology at the University of Michigan and founder and director of the Health Management Research Center, where he had over nine hundred articles, books, and presentations during his thirty-five year tenure. Currently, he is speaking and consulting with organizations and groups throughout the country.

Jennifer S. Pitts, PhD, has twenty-five years of healthcare research and consulting experience in both academic and applied settings. Before cofounding Edington Associates, Jennifer was director of outcomes and analytics at Pfizer Health Solutions for twelve years. Dr. Pitts earned her doctorate in social psychology, and her master’s degree in experimental psychology. She also held a two-year Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) postdoctoral fellowship at UCLA’s School of Medicine.

Both authors are cofounders of Edington Associates LLC since 2012. The company provides consultation, design, and evaluation services.

Zero Trends: Health as a Serious Economic Strategy

Authored by Dee Edington Ph.D

Zero Trends

Today’s fragile economic climate requires new solutions to the problem of high healthcare and other organizational costs. Organizations simply cannot afford runaway medical expenses, unproductive workplaces, and sick workers. In this landmark book, Dee W. Edington, PhD, former Director of the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center, draws from his 35 years of research and experience to explain how organizations can control health management and disability expenditures while keeping their workforces and organization healthy and productive.

Dr. Edington’s message is straightforward, yet profound. His four key strategies, “Don’t Get Worse”, “Keep Healthy Employees Healthy”, Help the High-Risk Individuals Move to a Lower Risk Status, and “Create a Culture of Health”, can help reduce the healthcare and productivity-related costs that are bankrupting American businesses. For each of the five pillars, characteristics are listed for each of four levels of achievement:

A do-nothing company
Level one company
Level two company
Champion Level Company

Zero Trends: Health as a Serious Economic Strategy provides the guidance and the inspiration organizations need in their search for lower medical and other expenditures and higher-performing workplace and workforce.

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Publication Date: 3-22-13
Page Count: 192
Price: $24.95

For bulk orders of 10 or more copies, contact Dee Edington directly. Volume discounts are available.

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