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Elevating “Positive Health as an Organizational Philosophy” should be on the agenda of every leadership team that wants to make a meaningful impact on the vitality of its organization. Edington Associates can help you make it happen.

Our approach combines lessons from more than 30 years of health management research with new discoveries and old wisdom from many previously underutilized disciplines. These include sociology, anthropology, psychology, neuroscience, behavioral economics, leadership and organizational studies to name just a few.

Edington Associates is dedicated to helping you create thriving and high performing workforces and workplaces. We are a team of individuals with diverse academic and applied experience from many different disciplines.

We help organizations evolve healthy and thriving cultures and environments by:

  1. Awakening individuals and organizations to their full potential
  2. Creating shared values and shared results
  3. Evolving positive organizational and individual health
  4. Measuring and communicating what matters


We know that individuals and organizations have not lived up to their full potential in terms of a win-win philosophy; positive definition of health; the influence of context; and, the role of senior leaders.

Creating Shared Values—Shared Results:
The ideal work culture and environment is one where employees and the organization share core values (shared values), and what is good for employees is good for the organization and vice versa (shared results).

Evolving Positive Organizational Health:
Positive organizational health means having a positive environment, culture, and climate, as well as employees with strong positive individual health and positive personal motivation. Organizations with strong positive organizational health provide caring and positive environments, cultures, and climates. Individuals and employee work teams engage in healthy choices. The organizations and employees make shared decisions that contribute to flourishing workplaces and workforces.

Measuring and Communicating What Matters:
Measuring and communicating what matters demands that we respect what is important to both the organizations and employees. The organization will continue to value productivity, performance, being an employer of choice, social recognition within the community or industry, and financial objectives among others. Employees are likely to value trust, respect, meaningful work, along with happiness, autonomy, recognition, quality of life, and fair wages.

What We Do

Evolving Win-Win Organizations

Just as safety became an enterprise strategy in the 1950s and quality became an enterprise strategy in the 80s and 90s, health needs to become a highly valued strategy within organizations today.

Helping evolve win-win-organizations with respect to health and well-being is the core mission of Edington Associates. Our methods are based on the principles outlined in Dee Edington’s highly popular book on health management, Zero Trends: Health as a Serious Economic Strategy, and further developed in the 2016 book with co-author Jennifer Pitts, Shared Values, Shared Results: Positive Organizational Health as a Win-Win Philosophy.

A win-win organization actively strives to develop strength across the five pillars that provide the foundation for health and well-being in an organization. We provide consultation, practical tools, and resources for strengthening the five pillars and moving organizations, employees, their families, and surrounding communities to a higher level of performance.

Pillar 1: Engaged and Committed Leadership: We can help you develop and promote shared values and an inspired vision for all stakeholders.

Pillar 2: Positive Environment, Culture and Climate: We can help you assess the current status of your organization and develop a plan for a strategic, systematic, systemic, and sustainable approach, and implement concrete positive organizational health strategies.

Pillar 3: Positive Individual Health and Self-Leadership: We can guide you through the process of creating and implementing concrete positive individual health strategies that support key life skills for continuous learning and growth.

Pillar 4: Positive Personal Motivation:  We can work with you to create enhanced conditions for positive personal motivation.

Pillar 5: Measuring and Communicating What Matters:  We can help you develop a meaningful approach to ongoing evaluation that utilizes measures and measurement that matter to all stakeholders, and a communications strategy that engages and motivates.

If you are interested in better understanding and improving in any or all of these areas, we can help you create a customized strategy that builds on your current strengths and increases engagement of stakeholders from throughout your organization. We can help you evolve a healthy and thriving workforce and organization.

Employees win when organizations win
Organizations win when employees win

Our Consulting System

Our Consulting System is a series of high-level consultations coupled with online learning tools. There are a series of phases in this system. Companies we work with can choose the level of services they prefer in each of these phases depending on their specific needs.
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Self-Leadership Project

The Self-Leadership Project is a web-based training program that can be provided to all employees in an organization. This browser-based, mobile-friendly platform can be incorporated into an existing wellness portal seamlessly with a single sign-on capability.
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Shared Values – Shared Results

Positive Organizational Health as a Win-Win Philosophy

Authored by: Dee Edington Ph.D, Jennifer S. Pitts Ph.D

Taking workplace wellness to the next level, involves a vision of shared values that bring shared results for both employees and organizations. The book combines supporting research and science with practical solutions for implementing positive health as an organizational strategy.

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