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The 2009 book Zero Trends was the capstone of over 30-years of research, including evidence that changes in costs follow changes in risks, the business case for “don’t get worse”, high-risk reduction, and the importance of low-risk maintenance. The book illustrates the specific employer efforts needed to create a supportive and sustainable environment, culture and climate.  However, the evidence in the book raised the question, “What is beyond low-risk that impacts the health of individuals and the health of organizations?” That question led to many more questions and seven more years of research, conversations with professionals in the field and reviews of relevant content from many diverse fields.

The evidence for the Model for Positive Organizational Health is the result of our learnings during those years.  The evidence also addresses the previous questions.  We also present evidence and a roadmap to help individuals and organizations “Go Beyond” to realize their full human and organizational potential.

Elevating “Positive Organizational Health as a Win-Win Philosophy” should be on the agenda of every individual and leadership team to make a meaningful impact on the vitality of their organization.


Imagine if everyone showed up to work every day engaged and energized and left work with the same level of engagement and vitality.

Imagine the excitement your current and prospective clients would feel as they work with these employees.

Imagine the success the organization would have in recruitment and retention of the very best of the best individuals.

Imagine the effect on your employees’ families and the community.

And imagine how your company’s morale would benefit with the highest performing workers, the most satisfied customers, and an embracing supportive community.

Our Models

In the Positive Organizational Health Model, strategic, systematic, systemic, and sustainability are achieved when employees and management engage in an organizational win-win philosophy.  Individuals and organizations (populations) are committed to take their organization beyond risk reduction, low-risk maintenance, “don’t get worse”, and culture of health to evolve to Positive Individual and Organizational Health as a shared Win-Win Philosophy. Employee and organizational health are redefined. We define what the organization and what the employees can do to obtain the mutual agreed upon solutions.  In addition most chapters explain best practices and perhaps more importantly next practices, which take advantage of new knowledge.

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Shared Values – Shared Results

Positive Organizational Health as a Win-Win Philosophy

Authored by: Dee Edington Ph.D, Jennifer S. Pitts Ph.D

Taking workplace wellness to the next level, involves a vision of shared values that bring shared results for both employees and organizations consistent with a win-win philosophy. The book combines supporting research and science with practical solutions for implementing positive health as an organizational and employee strategy. Latest research findings and practices from many academic and organizational experiences are incorporated into practical solutions. Employee and organizational values and results are merged into a single and sustainable initiative.

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Consulting Services

The promise of Edington Associates is a meaningful learning experience to allow senior leaders and other leaders (everyone is a leader) to discover a line-of-sight between  the organizational business plan and other benefits that accrue when Whether an organization is just starting a wellness and well-being initiative, or if you expect to see more robust results from current initiatives, Edington Associates can help guide you to create a healthy and supportive environment and culture consistent with your organizational values, vision and mission.

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