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This website is dedicated to the health, wellness, performance and quality-of-life of workers in many different organizations as they work in many excellent and positive organizational healthy environments.

Dee W. Edington

Our Assumptions Are Changing

I and the scientists at the University of Michigan’s Health Management Research Center (1978-2018) began our studies with an assumption of a simplistic view of health and all the factors that would help individuals move from poor health to good health. We also had a simplistic view of moving organizations from poor to good and positive organizational health. We were wrong on both assumptions!

Data Take Many Paths in their Relationship

Health and healthcare cost data from one organization is different, but likely small, from the data coming from another organization, even in the same industry sector. This fact illustrates the complicated or perhaps even complex nature of health and healthcare costs. When working in the field of workplace wellness we know we need to look at the data in greater detail rather than just the main-effects (e.g. cost data). However, it is an interesting and challenging fact for most of us.

Our Most Valuable Learning We Gained

We performed study after study chasing the relationships of worker’s poor and good health with several forms of wellness, well-being, low-risk, risk-transitions, quality of life, engagement, and performance. We found several very important relationships over those 40 years, many of which were published and summarized in Zero Trends. We also learned enough to construct an organizational solution, to enhance good health. In addition, we finally convinced ourselves that individual and organizational health is a complex issue and not solvable with simple main-effects thinking. For us that may have been our most valuable learning.


Imagine showing up to work every day engaged and energized and leaving work with the same level of vitality.

Imagine the enthusiasm clients feel as they work with positive, healthy employees.

Imagine the success the organization has in recruiting and retaining the very best of the best individuals.

Imagine the effect your employees’ attitudes have at home.

And imagine how your company’s morale benefits with the highest performing workers, the most satisfied customers, and an embracing supportive family and community.


My mission is to help others explore how to incorporate the various levels of individual and organization health, performance, and quality of life within the workplace.

Managers of organizations are typically most interested in main-effects such as the economic outcomes. I am also interested in the economic main-effects, cost-benefits and value of investment. However, I am now more interested in finding the early and intermediate process-level outcomes to allow us to search for the biological pathways to positive main-outcomes.

Many researchers, me included, found positive results when, in fact, we did not understand how the pathways worked and possibly missed misinterpreted the true results.

The last, or perhaps the most important part of the mission is to unravel the pathways that impact the main-effects.


My vision of this initiative is when everyone in an organization, possibly including families, and regardless of the size of the organization, has equal opportunity and ease of access to learn of and participate in the Positive Organizational Health initiative. More importantly, this initiative is more than a program.

The initiative integrates employee and organizational agreed upon shared outcomes that promote a thriving organization and thriving employees. It’s aiming at a win-win culture and environment.

Our Working Foundations

Our working foundations are in the content of two books.

Zero Trends: Health as a Serious Economic Strategy, and Shared Values – Shared Results: Positive Organizational Health as a Win-Win Philosophy

These two books when taken together, take workplace wellness to an advanced level. The ideas and total content, when implemented bring about zero trends and involve a vision of shared values and shared results. The results for both employees and organizations are consistent with a win-win philosophy. The basis of our knowledge combines supporting research and science with meaningful solutions for implementing positive health as an organizational and employee strategy.

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